Sunday, April 28, 2013

My beloved Pluto was hit by a car

Last Tuesday nearly 1:30 am, one of my stray dogs, Pluto, was hit by a car. I was already sleeping, but I've heard a noise of a hit and my dogs barking, so I got up and went out to see what was happening. My Dog pluto was laying on the middle of the street and when I touched his face there was blood on his mouth, so I thought he was severily injured and could be already passing away. I was completely desperate. I started crying and yelling. My Mom screamed for me to calm down but I couldn't, so I phoned my front door neighbor and she asked me if I wanted to go out to look for a 24hs vet. I said "Sure I do!"
The poor dog was in shock. We phoned a friend and she gave us the number of a pet clinic. We couldn't understand right the address as I was too nervous, but we finally found it.
The vet required for us to leave a bail of R$ 300,00 as a pledge. I was Lucky my neighbor had her credit card with her because I didn't have no Money at all.
The following day the vet did an X-Ray and found out Pluto suffered a fracture in his pelvis (so he is not walking) and had his elbow took out of place, so he needed a surgery. The vet said that the pelvis might heal itself with rest within 20-30 days.
Saturday, Elisa's father drove me to the clinic to pick my dog. My debt over R$1300,00 apart from the medicines I had to buy. I had borrowed R$ 300,00 from my uncle Valentim. With this Money I bought the medicine and paid what I could. I still owe the vet R$ 1215,00, so I am asking people online to help me with donations. I feel awful to have to do that, but I don't have any Money now. I expected it to be expensive, but not so much!
This is a Picture of him in his cage on the clinic.

And this is him finally home.
Within ten days Pluto might have a new appointment to change his splint and then, after more 25 days he migh be able to get rid of it.
If you can donate any amount is welcome. There's a Paypal donation button on the left of this page.
I thank in advance the people who are helping me. God bless you and give you three times more what you are giving me to pay my debt for taking care of my four legs angel Pluto.

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