Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At the hospital

This is a picture of me when I was still at the hospital. The only difference between the two pitures is one person.
The guy with the beanie hat  is my  brother Diego. The girl with the curly hair is his fiancé. The girl in white is my cousin Franciele. The man and the woman beside her are her parents. My mother is beside my aunt Maria. and my father behind my mother. The guy in the mustache is my cousin Jane's husband (Joel) and the half face you see behind Franciele is Jane. In the other picture the bald guy with mustache wearing blue is my friend Flávio.

I had a severe kidney infection that passed to my lungs. I’ve had a breathing arrest and stayed sedated and in induced coma for two months, so I lost the movements, specially of my legs and feet. Now I am walking but with help of a walker, and I’m doing physical therapy.
During the time I was asleep at the hospital, I needed a couple of sessions of hemodialysis, a blood transfusion and a tracheotomy. My body was so inflated I’ve got stretch marks in my belly and in my arms, but what matters is that I am still alive. My disease was really serious and I could have died. My doctor said he told my family twice to buy my coffin ‘cos there was no hope for me… I’ve got really surprised that my cousin Camila and my brother Diego were really engaged or worried about me cause I’ve always thought they hated me. My Mother used to visit me almost everyday and Marcelo almost every night. He told me in our first Brazilian Valentine’s day (June 12th), I was really ill and sedated, but he was there by my side caressing my head.
When I woke up I knew I was at the hospital, but I didn’t know how long I had been there. I was there for almost two months. They were in the middle of the Soccer World Cup. I couldn’t speak because of the hole in my neck where they connected a machine that kept me breathing and it was desperating. I thought about my Granny and my Aunt Lúcia all the time. They died respectively in February and April. I imagined their bodies getting rotten inside their coffin and it made me so afraid of dying. I tried to think about something else but I just couldn’t control my thoughts. My dog Miolo disappeared the day I came back home from the hospital. I didn’t even saw him. This makes me so sad… I imagine he must have died over runned somewhere. But well, that’s enough of talking about it. I am fine and happy for being alive.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

April 10th was a really bad day...

Saturday, April 10th was a really sad day. I've lost my godmother and aunt Lúcia, and last week I received the news my godson Marcos André suffered an accident that same day. His Mom, my friend Luciane was alone at home with her two boys (Miguel 7 y.o and Marcos 1 y.o), then she got a little distracted and the baby pulled the coffee machine from the sink. It was full with hot coffee and has turned all over him... Poor kid. It was such a scary episode. Miguel, my older godson was very mature and helpful and helped his Mom calling his granny while his Mom washed his little brother with cold water.
This is Marcos picture a couple of days after the accident:

And this is his picture two weeks after the accident:
Luckily we think he won't keep any scars. He is doing much better and doctors just said he must avoid sunlight. he's a cute kid, isn't he?

My friend Vivi and me

This is my friend Vivi. We studied togheter when kids and we never were really close, but sometimes we accidentally stumble into each other in our city as it's a small place and we really enjoy talking to each other. These weekend she called me and invited to for a beer and I just couldn't say no. I have very few friends and very few oportunities of going out, so I thought it would be nice to see her and have some nice chat.
I think we're going to see each other more frequently now since she's getting divorced... I hope so. I like her a lot and I miss not having closer friends sometimes...

Quinho, the stray who doesn't want to be a stray...

This is Quinho. He is one of my stray dogs. I have three dogs I feed outside my property because I already have four dogs inside of it, but I actually consider all of them mine...
Sometimes Quinho enters my property and one of these days the house door was opened, I went to the kitchen and when I came back, he was sitting at the couch, as if he was one of the home dogs. I thought it was so funny I've had to take a picture of it, Lol!

A little bunny surprise!

A couple of weeks ago when I got back home on Monday from my boyfriend's house, I opened the bathroom door and there was that cute furry and fluffy thing... I asked my Mom what was that. She said it simply appeared in front of our house and she took in inside because she was afraid the stray dogs could kill it. It was a cute baby bunny!
Unfortunatelly I couldn't keep it because I have dogs too, so I took it to a Pet shop so they could try to sell it or give it away... But it was a cute visit!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Porto Alegre é Demais!

This is Porto Alegre, the city where I was born. I am very suspicious to say anything about it because I love this place...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby Bib

A supercute, easy and fast baby bib. I 'll try to translate it's pattern into English so I can post it here later.

Heart Dishcloth pattern

This is another pattern I've made myself.

And here goes the finished project picture:

Milo and me!

I Just wanted to show you my latest picture...
                 And this cute little thing is Milo, my baby dog!

Chochet Fillet Pentacle

I have created this pattern with a pentacle. It's size will deppend on the yarn and the hook you'll use... I've made it using a large rustic yarn and a hook number 6 (in Brazil), it's one of the biggest. I can't remember for sure because it's been sometime, but It seems the final measures were 50 cm x 50 cm.
I started making 133 chain plus 3 to loop. Then I made 2 other chan and a double chochet in the 8th chain to form a small square, then repeated 2 chain and one double crochet until I've made 44 small squares. The black blocks represents four double crochet...
It's my first time trying to write and explain a pattern in English, so please forgive me if it's not understandable... I'll try to learn more of it for the next times.

And here's a picture of the finalized project.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A sad weekend for my family

After 8 years fighting against cancer, my aunt Lucia died. She was at the hospital since the Good Friday and she was very weak due to a pneumonia. Then a couple of days ago she got in coma and Saturday 3:00 pm she died.
We were already expecting that, but it doesn't make the situation easier. She was a wonderful woman, a strong warrior, a heroine. She never got married and never had kids, but she was a mother to all her younger brothers and sisters and to most of her nephews and nieces.
She was a pioneer. When she was young she came from the countryside to Porto Alegre city, started working sewing clothes and with her first salary she brought to the city her parents and all his brothers and sisters. Most of what our family is we owe to her.
When I was eleven and my father left my mother, my aunt helped my mother to raise me.
When I was with depression, a couple of years ago, aunt Lucia helped me with her words of strenght...
I remember when I was a little kid, she was the most wonderful aunt a little girl could wish. She gave me some of the best gifts I've ever got and some of them weren't material things.
What makes me feel a little better is to remember a couple of weeks ago, when I visited her at home, I told her I loved her. And she answered she loved me too.
I hope now there's a heaven where she can rest in peace. I hope there's a God who'll receive her with open arms. And most of all, I hope someday we can meet again. 

This is the place where she was burried.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A long time...

I know it's been a long time since my last post, but... Here I am again. It's a little hard for me to get online and have enouth time to all I should do, but I'll try to keep this blog a little more updated...