Sunday, May 9, 2010

April 10th was a really bad day...

Saturday, April 10th was a really sad day. I've lost my godmother and aunt Lúcia, and last week I received the news my godson Marcos André suffered an accident that same day. His Mom, my friend Luciane was alone at home with her two boys (Miguel 7 y.o and Marcos 1 y.o), then she got a little distracted and the baby pulled the coffee machine from the sink. It was full with hot coffee and has turned all over him... Poor kid. It was such a scary episode. Miguel, my older godson was very mature and helpful and helped his Mom calling his granny while his Mom washed his little brother with cold water.
This is Marcos picture a couple of days after the accident:

And this is his picture two weeks after the accident:
Luckily we think he won't keep any scars. He is doing much better and doctors just said he must avoid sunlight. he's a cute kid, isn't he?

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